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    Proud to be pioneers in Central Asia and the Caucuses

A Sturgeon investment is a commitment to local partnership. We are on the ground standing side-by-side with the leadership of the businesses we back.

Our values

Decisive & focused

Being a small, experienced and highly collaborative team focused on a single geographical area enhances our ability to add value through investment selection and by maintaining close partnerships with portfolio company management to create robust business strategies, governance structures, strategic planning and financial management.

Long-term thinking & patience

We share a willingness to allow our investments to grow and reach their maximum potential.

Unique perspective

Our disciplined process challenges conventional thinking and leads us to a portfolio of investments clearly differentiated from other investment managers. We always aim to have an independent point of view.

Lasting relationships

We are committed to developing and preserving meaningful relationships with our clients, offering transparency as to our investment process, and opportunities otherwise difficult to find.

Intellectual honesty & humility

Our team will never stray away from our areas of competence. We foster a culture of transparency, embracing differences of opinion.

Private markets and truly active management

Sturgeon’s experience in the region leaves us in no doubt that the private investment universe offers the best opportunities and is most compatible with our approach of bringing distinct operational experience and advisory support to our businesses.

Data-driven, fundamental investment approach

Sturgeon works with the management teams of portfolio companies to ensure the necessary data infrastructure is in place. This allows Sturgeon’s investment team to make judgements utilising data and facts, which combined with our collective investment experience, can lead to high investment returns.

Exceptional returns with a lasting impact

Sturgeon requires that portfolio companies maintain a positive impact, not for the sake of obtaining the respective ESG or Impact labels, but because we believe it is a prerequisite for delivering strong returns. In our pursuit of high returns, we seek companies which also bolster Uzbekistan’s transition towards an open, market-oriented economy with an attendant thriving private sector and a robust legal framework. Although the long-term horizon of private equity has the potential to drive change in developed markets, we believe this investment-style can deliver a much more meaningful impact in less developed frontier markets such as Uzbekistan.

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Our companies currently employ 476 people


We only consider companies capable of generating +40% IRRs


Our companies have an addressable market of 400m people


We maintain active board representation on 100% of our companies


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