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    Our mission is to offer unique funds for those who believe the best opportunities for profit, impact and innovation can be found in ‘frontier’ markets.

Investment Strategy

Fund 2 is centred on Uzbekistan and employs our proven process of generating differentiated returns by monetising efficiency gains through tech. We have unparalleled access to deal flow and remain indispensable to our founders. Whether it be in recruitment, operations or strategic relationship building, we ensure our companies reach their true potential.

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We aim to support 500k jobs through the companies in Fund 2


We only consider companies capable of generating a minimum 5x return


The private investments in Fund 1 – made in 2017 – have already generated returns between 5x and 7x


We maintain active board representation on 100% of our companies

Target Geography

Having screened markets globally for regions which meet our criteria. We believe Uzbekistan is the most attractive country for our strategy.

Country checklist: Uzbekistan

1. The rapid emergence of private enterprise from a low base

2. High prevalence of positive secular trends

3. The existence of base digital infrastructure

4. Opportunities to monetise efficiency gains through technology

5. Opportunities to implement ‘tried and tested’ business models

6. The absence of private capital funding innovation

7. Stable, pro-business government

8. Strong macroeconomic fundamentals

Investment team

Our investment team is available to provide further details about this Fund.

Alex Branton

Investment Director

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