• Investing in emerging & frontier markets

    With over 15 years experience of investing in extraordinary businesses from many Emerging & Frontier Markets, Sturgeon Capital leverage a wealth of insight to seize opportunities and make an impact in the world’s most exciting markets.

Discover uncorrelated opportunities in untapped markets

Sturgeon is a specialist emerging markets investment manager focused primarily on opportunities in Central Asia and the Caucasus region.

We seek frontier markets where a catalyst has ignited an emerging wave of private sector participation. Countries such as Uzbekistan are among the worlds chief beneficiaries of this process, creating some of the worlds most compelling investment opportunities.

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Sturgeon’s unparalleled 15 years of experience investing in Central Asia and the Caucasus region enables us to identify the best opportunities and mitigate challenges traditionally associated with emerging & frontier markets.

Investment insights

A ‘new economy’ approach to frontier market investing Insights

In this edition of Sturgeon Insights, the team write about how the emergence of cheaper forms of technology and increased levels of connectivity have transformed the nature of investing in frontier markets.

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Laying the groundwork for investing in frontier markets Insights

In this edition of Sturgeon Insights, the team draws on their 15 years of experience investing in frontier markets to summarise six components of their successful investment approach

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An introduction to Sturgeon’s impact investing approach Insights

In this edition of Sturgeon Insights, the team introduce their data-driven approach to impact investing. The central premise of the team’s rigorous impact framework is that investing in innovative, technology-enabled companies that create private-sector jobs can generate long-term sustainable social impact and superior financial returns for investors.

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